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The Computer's Paranoia XP RPG Tool

Paranoia RPG online, Paranoia XP character generator, Paranoia XP campaign manager, Paranoia XP character sheets, Form generator, Mission generator and much more. No installation or download required, intended for tabletop & mobile, probably works fine in online chat/video (untested).
Paranoia XP coverParanoia 25h Anniversary Troubleshooters coverDesigned for the Paranoia XP (2004) roleplaying game by Mongoose Publishing, but generic enough to be used for older versions and possibly other games. Compatible with Paranoia 25th Anniversary, Paranoia: Troubleshooters, Paranoia: Internal Security (probably), Paranoia: High Programmers (probably not, someone tell me here)

The GM will need a laptop or some big screen with a keyboard, players will only need a mobile device, but a keyboard (small bluetooth keyboards are fun) helps for secret messages.

FEATURES: Clearance levels, generate NPCs, locations, tension level in rolls, combat & damage tracking, MDBs, Tics, Mutations, Skills & secret rolls, Items & auto-skill rolling when used, Ammo tracking, Cash & Credit with logs, Trading, Access & Power auto-reduction, Secret Societies & missions, Service Firms & service services, Treason reporting & Treason damage, Corrections & tracking, Perversity Points & secret spending & auto-rewarding, Form/questionnaire generator and auto-processing, hidden items, automatic team description, automatic area descriptions, timers & deadlines, secret GM notes on anything, logs, text-to-speech, automatic background music selection, mobile device compatible, more details)

GM screenshot below
paranoia rpg manager game master screenshot

Player screenshot below
paranoia rpg manager player screenshot

This is NOT an officially endorsed Paranoia product.
Paranoia is © Mongoose Publishing, check out the new version of Paranoia in 2016.